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Our Lifesaving Work

Leave No Paws Behind is the voice for those who cannot speak. We are an all breed , all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors, End of Life, and animals with special medical needs. When possible we step up to help save the lives of those that are in most danger of being left behind to die on a cold shelter floor.

Upon rescue, LNPB immediately has all of our rescues vetted and those with minor and treatable medical needs and disabilities per diagnosis from the Doctor’s are then placed in the loving care of fosters until they are adopted. LNPB’s more serious medically challenged rescues such as seniors who may suffer with terminal and/or severe mobility medical conditions as diagnosed by the Doctor’s are placed in loving hospice/long term foster care for as long as needed.

From time to time, and when deemed necessary by our Doctor’s due to severe pain and suffering, we have the sad task of helping our beloved animals cross the rainbow bridge. We are with them, holding and loving them in the end as they peacefully pass quietly in our arms. We do not hesitate to pull the terminally ill or the ones the shelter will inevitably PTS due to sickness and inability to walk as we cannot bear having them die alone, frightened and sadly wondering.

We are doing for our four legged friends what they cannot do for themselves. We are their voice and we we will continue saving lives one set of paws at a time making every effort to assure we Leave No Paws Behind. LNPB relies solely on public donations, no amount is to small and all amounts benefit the health and well being of abused and abandoned animals and are tax deductible. EIN# 45-2717681

Leave No Paws Behind is a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation governed by the laws of the State of California. LNPB provides long term hospice care, comfort, love and a safe haven for the aged and terminally ill.


How your Donations are Working!

How your donations continue to help us help them! In February Medical costs were $7,950.21, Merchant Fees, $521.25, Mileage Reimbursements for P/U from shelters, to and from fosters, forever homes and vet visits $898.00. Thanks to the generous shelter special programs, Pull Fees were 0!!!! Total Feb costs $9,369.46. Thank you for your continued support! We could not do what we do without all of you and your kind donations!

Toby Talks

Sebastian rescued

How I do what I do

I get asked so many times how can I do what I do and why would I rescue an animal knowing that it was at the end of its life. Well I have learned there is so much more to rescue than simply pulling an animal to safety and placing it in a good home. The rescue begins with the pull however that is only the beginning of what can sometimes be a very long journey for the animal that is being saved. We have had several cases where we rescued an animal that had to be hospitalized for 15-30 days however we never, ever give up for we feel in our hearts they all deserve a fighting chance as long as they are not suffering.

The bitter sweet side of rescue are the ones who are terminal, at the end of their life and we know will not make it to see tomorrow. The ones who we have to carry out of the shelters, the ones who are riddled with cancer, the ones who have lost all control of their bodily functions, the forgotten ones who have been abandoned at the shelter, alone and suffering with no hope of ever leaving. They are the ones who are truly left behind frightened and wondering, and they are more oft than not, our precious, wise and caring seniors. LNPB is an 11th hour , end of life, all breed foster based rescue specializing in seniors and animals with special medical needs and, when possible, we will pull an animal to safety when no one else steps up and all hope is lost.

We cannot leave them behind to die alone and forgotten on a cold shelter floor. It does not matter to us if they have 1 day, 1 week, 1 year or 1 hour of life left in them and we don’t care if they are deemed unadoptable or untreatable. What we do care about is the quality of life we can give them in the end and the love and companionship we can offer them so they do not die alone. Due to the nature of our rescue, LNPB never boards our animals nor do we make or determine any medical decisions or diagnosis regarding their medical care. We have them all immediately vetted and rely on the expertise of our trained and skilled DVM’s.

Yes it is heartbreaking at times and yes, most days I wonder myself how I can do what I do, however, the bigger question I ask myself is: “How can I sit back and do nothing?” Yes, rescue is so bitter sweet, however, the rewards are so gratifying. To see an animal we have rescued restored to health and walk away with a new loving family or to watch an aging senior live out their life with our loving fosters is priceless. To be at the side of a dying animal and hold them as I whisper how much they are loved and to have them, in their final moments, gently lick my hand thanking me for letting them know how much their life mattered, well that my friends is what I have learned rescue is truly all about… tw, LNPB

PICTURED: Sebastian, owner surrendered at the shelter after being doused in hot motor oil which his prior owners thought would cure his mange. Rescued by LNPB, vetted and treated by our amazing DVM’s, and now placed in the loving care of our life saving foster, Sebastian is now on his way to the promise of so many tomorrows and a full recovery

Sebastian rescued

Sebastian rescued

Sebastian resting

Sebastian today


My Alley

Today I was reminded just how precious life is with a senior pet. My Alley, who has been my constant companion for 12 years, suffers with Degenerative Myelopathy, which continues to progress  She does well for the most part and can still get up and walk a bit, however there are times, I come to her rescue. My house now has soft carpet in every spot where I know she could slip or struggle to get up and when she goes outside to potty, I am always there with her in case she should fall. What has helped both Alley and me is the weight loss program we went on for her a little over 1 1/2 years ago. I do believe that is one of the main reasons she is still here with me today Today as I watched Theo, who is in the last stages of DM, I could not help but cry. I asked the Doc if this is how it is going to be for Alley as the DM progresses. He is such a sweet , gentle and kind man and reassured me that Alley will never get that bad. She too, has difficulty “finding her legs” however she still keeps on going. The saddest part of this disorder is that, while it is not painful to the animal, it decreases their physical ability to move about. Sadly Alley can no longer make her way to the pool or even step in, however that seems to sadden me more than it does her. She is perfectly content to sit out on the patio with me and just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I don’t speak of her disorder, not because I am in denial, but because she is still spry and still enjoys her life and does not let it effect her. Today however I stared the effects of DM right in the face and I have to tell you, my heart snapped in two  Alley is my rock, my best friend and constant companion for 12 years. Her blood results always come back perfect, which amazes the good Doc and he tells me that on paper she is as healthy as a young pup! Her vision is also going however each and every night, when the “boys” are all tucked in, Alley and me enjoy some quality “mommy and me” time and I always assure her that I will be here for her. I will be her eyes, I will be her ears and I will be her legs, I mean after all she has been all that and so much more for me over the years. Alley has never, ever had an accident in the house so I know that if and when that happens, she will be mortified. I tell her not to worry because she can do no wrong in this old mom’s eyes. She has taught me so many wonderful lessons throughout the years. She has shown me, that no matter how many people have come and gone in my life, I am never alone. She has taught me, patience, kindness, understanding, the true meaning of forgiveness and unconditional love. Each night as I tuck her in and kiss her cold, wet nose, I never fail to whisper: ” I may not be the perfect person you believe me to be, however thanks to you, I am a much better person today.” She is my senior dog, my heart light and inspiration for all my writings and I am not ashamed to say, my best friend, and I love her.  tw, LNPB

Rescue News


Winnie Saved From Death Row

Winnie was rescued from death row on 4-26-14. She was pulled from the Downey Shelter at the last minute. For more on this story in the media, please see this Examiner piece.