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Leave No Paws Behind is the voice for those who cannot speak. We are an all breed , all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors, End of Life, and animals with special medical needs. When possible we step up to help save the lives of those that are in most danger of being left behind to die on a cold shelter floor.

Upon rescue, LNPB immediately has all of our rescues vetted and those with minor and treatable medical needs and disabilities per diagnosis from the Doctor’s are then placed in the loving care of fosters until they are adopted. LNPB’s more serious medically challenged rescues such as seniors who may suffer with terminal and/or severe mobility medical conditions as diagnosed by the Doctor’s are placed in loving hospice/long term foster care for as long as needed.

From time to time, and when deemed necessary by our Doctor’s due to severe pain and suffering, we have the sad task of helping our beloved animals cross the rainbow bridge. We are with them, holding and loving them in the end as they peacefully pass quietly in our arms. We do not hesitate to pull the terminally ill or the ones the shelter will inevitably PTS due to sickness and inability to walk as we cannot bear having them die alone, frightened and sadly wondering.

We are doing for our four legged friends what they cannot do for themselves. We are their voice and we we will continue saving lives one set of paws at a time making every effort to assure we Leave No Paws Behind. LNPB relies solely on public donations, no amount is to small and all amounts benefit the health and well being of abused and abandoned animals and are tax deductible. EIN# 45-2717681

Leave No Paws Behind is a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation governed by the laws of the State of California. LNPB provides long term hospice care, comfort, love and a safe haven for the aged and terminally ill.


How your Donations are Working!

How your donations continue to help us help them! In February Medical costs were $7,950.21, Merchant Fees, $521.25, Mileage Reimbursements for P/U from shelters, to and from fosters, forever homes and vet visits $898.00. Thanks to the generous shelter special programs, Pull Fees were 0!!!! Total Feb costs $9,369.46. Thank you for your continued support! We could not do what we do without all of you and your kind donations!

Toby Talks

coco n me kisses 1115

An Angel in my arms…

People ask me all the time how I can do what I do. Well I have to be honest and tell you that on days like today, I wonder myself how I can do what I do When I first met Chocolate my heart shattered and then in flash he was in my arms and kissing me with the tiniest of little tongues as if to say “thank you Ms Toby for helping me”. It is such a helpless feeling knowing that there is nothing you can do to make it better for such a sweet and innocent little soul. Someone posted earlier ” thank you for the update even though it is bad”. Well I got to thinking about that statement and wondered ” how can I possibly respond to that?” This is what came to mind : ” While the update was not what we all would have liked, I cannot agree that it is bad. I held this little peanut in my arms today after hearing the outcome and the tears just began to flow. This little fella wasted no time consoling me with the sweetest of little kisses as if to say : ” Please don’t cry Ms Toby, please don’t be sad”. I looked at him and held him so close to my heart and realized what he was trying to tell me; he was genuinely happy!

He was grateful for loving arms around him and for the freedom he now knew and most importantly, he was no longer afraid of dying alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor. He doesn’t know how long he will be with us however what he does know is if it is for a day, a week, a month or longer, he is not afraid. He is loved, he is safe, he is in loving arms, he loves hearing a kind and gentle voice and he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that his life matters. Yes with one tiny little kiss and tail wag, he let me know how grateful he was for his gift of life and love. So you see, the update was “not bad”, it was a celebration of life right now because after all, right now is all we have. My dogs have taught me the importance of living in the moment, one day at a time and making the most of each and every second I have and being grateful, not for what I have but for what I can give and I realized that this little peanut was thanking me for giving him his gift of life, one day at a time.
No I’m not a “dog whisperer” and I do not possess any magical or whimsical powers however what I have learned is how to “listen” with my heart when someone like Chocolate looks me right in the eye, “smiles” and with one little lick of my face, thanks me for doing what I do. I have learned that It’s not about the quantity of animals we can save, it’s about the quality of life and love we can give to those that we are able to help one set of paws at a time because here at LNPB, their life matters . That my friends is what rescue is truly all about and why and how I continue to do what I do. tw, LNPB

al great

After 12 years, we are still the “perfect fit”

The house is quiet, the fur boys are sound asleep and my sweet Alley is right here by my side. I was remembering a conversation I had with someone the other day who told me they were looking for that “perfect fit” in a fur companion for their home. They told me they did not want a senior, they had just lost their senior dog AND , I could not believe their next words when they said, ” they were to much work, too expensive, we do not want to waste our resources on an older dog and we want a young and healthy one, you know “a perfect fit. Can you help us?”. Well I started chanting to myself “inside voice Toby, inside voice”. I actually did pretty good, I took a deep breath and responded:

Picture this: 12 years ago I met the “perfect fit” for my family. She was the victim of a back yard breeder/hoarder and was the runt of the litter. She was a little slow and to be honest, I do believe “she picked me” She was maybe 3-4 months old and from the instant she landed in my lap and started smothering me with wet, sloppy kisses, well my heart was taken As time went on, she grew into a very, very large and energetic young lady and was always, and I mean always, getting into mischief! There was not a sock she would not eat, a napkin she would not shred, toilet paper she would not unravel and, well the list goes on and on BOL! When she was 3 she blew out her right ACL from swimming, well actually it was not from swimming, it was from her less then graceful running and diving into the pool! Well it ended up that she needed a whole new knee replacement and I felt so heart broken for her because all she wanted to do was swim HOWEVER she was calmer than I have ever seen her! Well almost one year later to the day, she blew out her left knee and yup, you guessed it, she was then the proud owner of 2 new bionic knees!

Funny how I never once thought of it as “wasting my resources” as you so candidly state, all I could think about was my best fur friend, who by that point had grown into the “perfect dog” , was hurting and in need. Now remember, this sweet dog was only 4 years old and in the prime of her life and so early on was in need of some heavy duty medical expenses. Amazingly enough we sailed through her teens and now she is in her “golden senior years” and I must tell you, her medical costs, after the surgeries were done at 4, were minimal! We have routine check ups, blood work and such, oh and she did just had to have a tumor removed, yet it’s funny how I never thought twice about “my resources or lack of them”, all I prayed for was that she would be ok.”

Now I could see the look of wonderment on this person’s face and they did not disappoint me with their next question: ” Is there a point to all of this?” At this point I was a little teary eyed after going down memory lane for the last 12 years and so I turned to them and replied: ” I never really knew there were people like you until just a few years ago and to be honest, I will never really understand people like you. My sweet fur is now a senior and ironically enough, her first 4 years of her life were the roughest medically. So tell me, if you find that perfect young fit and they too have an accident that will take away “your resources” will you then surrender them and look again for the “next perfect fit”? Who does that?!” Of course they had no answer and at that point I politely excused myself and walked away. They may not have walked away understanding anything I was saying however I walked away with a better understanding of why so many helpless animals meet the sad and sorry fate of death on a cold shelter floor They give us their loyalty, companionship and they would give their life for us. They teach us so many life lessons and shower us with unconditional love and in my humble opinion, they deserve to know each and every day how much their life matters and I would gladly “use up all my resources” to have a lifetime with her by side.

Today, 12 years later, I look at my sweet girl and tell her ” I would not have changed one thing about our time together”. She has brought so much happiness, joy and love to my life. Today, 12 years later, I hold her white and distinguished muzzle gently in my hands and as I kiss her cold, wet nose, I whisper ” we are still a perfect fit”. She is my senior dog, my constant companion of 12 beautiful years, and I love her. tw, LNPB

Rescue News


Answers to a never ending question

Meet Pooh Bear, who at 12 years old, found himself dumped like week old trash in the middle of the night in an outside shelter holding tank. No tags, no collars, no name and after being a loyal and loving companion of 12 years, he was not even given the dignity of being taken inside. Here at LNPB we see this day in and day out with so many seniors and we all ask “who does this”? Our hearts break for these precious animals who in their tender golden years of life suddenly find themselves abandoned, sick and alone.

I get asked a lot if I ever get angry and my answer is always the same: ” I don’t stop to think about the circumstances or the “how” or the “why” the animal was abandoned as my first and foremost priority is always getting the animal to safety. I can’t stop for even a split second to allow myself to get angry as my energy has to stay focused , not on the “who does this” but rather on the ” how can I help this animal”. It is only after I have the animal safe in my arms and in the care of our DVM’s that I begin to allow myself to become emotional. Today when I saw Pooh Bear and I learned of his medical condition, my heart just snapped in 2 as I began to realize the agony this lil fella had to endured. His entire eye socket perforated and erupted and bled out while someone stood by and did nothing.

Now is when I begin to mumble “who does this”? Who allows an animal to suffer so severely? Who sits by and watches a helpless little soul cry out in pain? “Who indeed” is my never ending question. Then suddenly something happens that makes me realize it is not important for me to know “who”, what is important is knowing he is safe and that no one will ever bring harm to him again. As I was holding Pooh, he gave me the tiniest little kiss as if to say ” thank you for helping me” and I suddenly melted, my anger subsided and I remembered why I do what I do.

I may never know or understand “who does this” however what I have come to understand is the love, forgiveness, gratitude and relief I have come to know from holding one tiny little innocent, hurt and sick animal who kisses me on the cheek and wags a limp little tail, thanking me for showing them how much their life matters. This my friends answers the most important question of all : why and how I continue to do what I do”. tw, LNPB