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Our Lifesaving Work

Leave No Paws Behind is the voice for those who cannot speak. We are an all breed , all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors, End of Life, and animals with special medical needs. When possible we step up to help save the lives of those that are in most danger of being left behind to die on a cold shelter floor.

Upon rescue, LNPB immediately has all of our rescues vetted and those with minor and treatable medical needs and disabilities per diagnosis from the Doctor’s are then placed in the loving care of fosters until they are adopted. LNPB’s more serious medically challenged rescues such as seniors who may suffer with terminal and/or severe mobility medical conditions as diagnosed by the Doctor’s are placed in loving hospice/long term foster care for as long as needed.

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How your Donations are Working!

How your donations continue to help us help them! In February Medical costs were $7,950.21, Merchant Fees, $521.25, Mileage Reimbursements for P/U from shelters, to and from fosters, forever homes and vet visits $898.00. Thanks to the generous shelter special programs, Pull Fees were 0!!!! Total Feb costs $9,369.46. Thank you for your continued support! We could not do what we do without all of you and your kind donations!

Toby Talks

coco n me kisses 1115

An Angel in my arms…

People ask me all the time how I can do what I do. Well I have to be honest and tell you that on days like today, I wonder myself how I can do what I do When I first met Chocolate my heart shattered and then in flash he was in my arms and kissing me with the tiniest of little tongues as if to say “thank you Ms Toby for helping me”. It is such a helpless feeling knowing that there is nothing you can do to make it better for such a sweet and innocent little soul. Someone posted earlier ” thank you for the update even though it is bad”. Well I got to thinking about that statement and wondered ” how can I possibly respond to that?”  Continue reading

al great

After 12 years, we are still the “perfect fit”

The house is quiet, the fur boys are sound asleep and my sweet Alley is right here by my side. I was remembering a conversation I had with someone the other day who told me they were looking for that “perfect fit” in a fur companion for their home. They told me they did not want a senior, they had just lost their senior dog AND , I could not believe their next words when they said, ” they were to much work, too expensive, we do not want to waste our resources on an older dog and we want a young and healthy one, you know “a perfect fit.

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